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Save time and increase revenue with Club OS & ASF

You do so much for your community. Keeping your members healthy, happy, and on track. You are the place we workout, get stronger, and see our friends. Club OS and ASF want to support you the way you support your community - by helping you hit your goals and prosper. 

Convert Leads to Members
With streamlined sales teams, it is more important than ever to nurture EVERY lead. We can help you set up automated email and text campaigns based on the prospect or member's lead status, ensuring the right message at the right time. 

In-depth Tracking
Track all of your essential lead and sales data in one place. Identify your most effective lead sources so you know exactly where to spend your marketing dollars. Our software lets you analyze by location or as a company.

Member Communication
Stop paying for an additional email CRM and relying on a small marketing team to push emails that can be automated. We help you set up templates in your own look and feel that drive revenue and club engagement. 

Gym Management 
My Club Business software suite includes enrollment, point of sale, inventory management, reports, scheduling, and a mobile app for both owners and members.

Payment Processing
Flexible payment processing assures owners that payments are processed securely and reliably through PCI compliance, putting members at ease as well.

Back Office Support
Our team is an extension of your team. We learn your voice and support your messaging. For example, we can help discourage a member from cancelling by re-engaging them. We eliminate payment hassles for you and capture your members' lost dues. 


Point of Sale

Set it & forget it automation that drives membership sales, club engagement, and PT revenue.

Payment processing that saves your team time and captures lost dues.

Amazing Service