6 Habits from Successful 

Gym Owners that Will 

Increase Your Profits

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Club OS and ASF surveyed over 140 gym owners, operators, and managers who let us in on their strategies for running a profitable fitness business. Now, we’re sharing their insights, habits, and expert advice to help you transform your gym into a profitable powerhouse with an irreplaceable fitness community.

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Learn key habits practiced by profitable gyms that you can implement starting today.

Understand what sources of revenue profitable gyms rely on most.

Realize the different types of engagement with your team and members that directly drive revenue.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the data results that helped develop our 6 habits

76% of the profitable gyms we surveyed have a strong social media presence.  

More than half of the gyms reported spending less than 4% of their budget on marketing.

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41% of profitable gyms have a referral program in place.